Houston Airport to Galveston Cruise Port

Finding a Ride from Houston Airport to Galveston Cruise Port

Sometimes you want to take a vacation that is non-stop excitement. Other times it is all about escaping and relaxing. Taking a cruise is one of the best ways to find that calming vacation you are after when your time off is all about self-care and recuperation.

Once you’ve made it from the Houston airport to the Galveston cruise terminal and stepped onto your ship, you are able to let your hair down and soak in your surroundings. Some of the reasons why your cruise vacation is going to help you find your Zen include:

  • Stress-Free Planning – On a cruise, there is always something to do. There are activities scheduled from morning until late into the night. That means you and your family have to choose what you want to do.
  • Mouthwatering Food – Cruises are known for the delicious meals served morning, noon, and night. Even the picky eaters in your group are sure to find something they will enjoy on the menu.
  • Friendly & Helpful Crew – The staff on your cruise ship are there to ensure you have a great time. That means they make themselves available to you whenever you need them to help you with something.
  • Plenty of Pampering – Most cruise ships feature a wide variety of different spa treatments for you to enjoy. From hot stone massages to manicures and pedicures, you are sure to find the perfect way to pamper yourself on the ship.

It has only been in the past couple of decades that Galveston was even considered a cruise port. Prior to that it served only as an industrial port. Now in 2022, it is the busiest cruise port for traffic outside of Florida. Each year over a million passengers embark on their cruise from the island. Many of those passengers are coming to Galveston from the Houston Hobby airport to the Galveston cruise port. 

Houston Airport to Galveston Cruise Port

Many people fly into Houston Hobby Airport from all around the United States to set sail. What surprises a lot of them is that Galveston is actually quite far from the Houston airports. In fact, the cruise port is about 40 miles from Houston Hobby (HOU). Depending on traffic, it can take 1-2 hours to get from the airport to the cruise port.

Now the question becomes: how do you get from the Houston Hobby airport to the Galveston cruise ports. 

Keep reading to find out.

Shuttle Transportation from Houston to Galveston Island Cruise Ports

Imagine you have just flown into a city that you are unfamiliar with and need to get to your next destination to stick with a schedule. At this point, you have only a three options:

  1. You can take an expensive taxi ride,
  2. You can rent a car and hope the GPS doesn’t send you on a long and winding road to nowhere
  3. Or, you can sit back and enjoy the sights while being driven safely to your destination aboard a modern fuel-efficient vehicle from a service like ours at Galveston Shuttle.

The third option is the best way to get from the Houston airport to the Galveston cruise terminal with the minimum amount of stress and worry on your part. All you need to do is book a ride and then enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing a vital detail is taken care of in the best way possible.

Because there is such a need for reliable transportation from the Houston airport to the Galveston cruise ports, a number of shuttle services have popped up that provide just that. While other options are cheaper for most parties, if you are traveling with a larger group then the shuttles can be a deal.

The most convenient services have multiple pickup and drop-off times and locations at both international airports to work with all schedules and allow passengers to make their connections.

If this sounds like it’s going to work for you, and we’re pretty sure that it will, then book your one-way or round-trip fare from the Houston airport to the Galveston cruise terminal and enjoy the ride.

Best Transportation Option for Large Groups

Traveling is fun, and traveling with friends is even more enjoyable. There are special considerations, however, to be taken into account when you’re part of a large group excursion. At Galveston Shuttle, we have a great deal of experience in providing transportation from Houston airport to Galveston cruise terminals for groups of all sizes, and we’ve written this post to provide some handy information for travelers.

Essentially, etiquette for group travel can be boiled down to a couple of simple things – common sense and common courtesy. We can all think of examples in which these two elements were in short supply in people we’ve encountered, but they are all it takes for everyone to have a delightful and rewarding time during their journey.

We’ve found that our large groups always travel smoothly when they get the information they need before they set out on their journey. For example, we allow passengers to travel with one carry-on bag and two suitcases that are no larger than 30-inches. By taking a look at our site, travelers will have that information and pack accordingly.

Our transportation from Houston airport to Galveston cruise runs on a regular schedule. We encourage all our passenger groups to arrive at their pickup point ahead of time, so they don’t miss their shuttle or delay other passengers.

Onboard the shuttle, we also recommend that all travelers respect the personal space of others and keep noise to an acceptable level.

Why Other Travel Options Aren’t Right

Although it does seem easier and more convenient to let the cruise line take care of transportation, those options are far less optimal than taking a shuttle from the Houston airport to the Galveston cruise port. 

In most cases, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney will all pick you up at the airport and take you to the cruise ship (and vice versa when it’s time to go home).

The benefit is that you most likely not be in danger of missing the ship. If there is traffic or a breakdown, the cruise ship won’t leave without the passengers taking its cruise transfer service. Still, it’s rare that the issue ever comes up, and in our opinion isn’t worth taking a cruise line transfer to the port.

When the cruise line provides transportation from the airport, they can charge an arm and a leg and the times and availability can be very restrictive. The cruise line shuttles can only leave at certain times which means you have to schedule your flights around the shuttle.

On the other hand, when you take the Galveston Shuttle Services our shuttles are scheduled around you.

Independent Shuttle Companies

There is a huge need for affordable transportation between Houston and the Galveston cruise ports, which is largely why a lot of people opt to use an independent shuttle service to meet their traveling needs. 

  • Transportation from Airports to Galveston Cruise Terminals, Hotels, Conventions, Scheduled and Private Car Service and more.
  • Worry free travel with Galveston Shuttle for easy ground transportation from airports, to hotels, and especially cruise ships and back.

Galveston Shuttle is the best company to choose to meet your traveling needs. They provide affordable one-way or round-trip shuttle service between Houston and Galveston Island. This shared shuttle transportation service runs 7 days a week connecting Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), Houston Hobby Airport (HOU) and Galveston Cruise Terminal. They also offer pick-up and drop-off service for passengers traveling to or from any hotel on Galveston Island.

Galveston Shuttle is the best and most reliable way to get from Houston Hobby airport to the Galveston cruise ports.

Hire Your Shuttle Service Before You Leave Home

When there is a luxurious cruise waiting for you at the Port of Galveston, why would you begin your journey any other way but in luxury accommodations? Get started on your trip in a comfortable and spacious shuttle where you do not have to worry about directions, traffic, or messing with a rental car.

Book with Galveston Shuttle before you leave home, that way you won’t have to worry about transportation at all. Leave the driving up to the professionals.

Sit back and relax in comfort for an hour and thirty minutes while your private or shared shuttle gets you to your location safely. It will feel like a break after your long plane ride.

Once you are delivered to your cruise port in Galveston, you can jump right out and head on to your luxurious cruise ship where you can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about parking fees. There is no need to be nervous, as you can trust that your experienced driver will be able to answer any of your questions. 

Don’t forget to book your return shuttle service for safe and reliable transportation from the Galveston cruise ports to the Houston Airport as the first leg of your journey back home.