Flying Into Houston With Kids

Have you planned your next big adventure for your family to Galveston, TX? It is one of the USA’s up-and-coming tourist spots due to its miles of sandy beaches, historic adventure pier, cruise ports, and tourist attractions. If you are flying into Houston with kids, here are some things you should consider, including booking your Houston to Galveston shuttle!

Airport Cleanliness

As parents, especially in this day and age, germs and the cleanliness of the spaces we take our children are usually at the forefront of our minds. Hence the endless amounts of hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and hand washing rituals. It can be really stressful to watch our littles walk around public spaces and touch… EVERYTHING. So, when we hear about facilities that make it a point to keep their areas clean and sanitized, we want to commend them! If an airport's cleanliness could determine whether you fly into IAH or Hobby airport for your Galveston vacation, here is what we have found!

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

IAH is noted as one of the cleanest airports in the world! Bush airport has claimed the number one spot for the cleanest airport in the USA and the top three in North America. So, if cleanliness sways your vote, you may want to check out George Bush International Airport.

William P. Hobby Airport

Not far behind, HOU is still ranked in the top 10 for cleanest airports in the United States. This is no small feat and is a prime example of the Texas standard of excellence. As a result, you can be assured that whether you choose HOU or IAH, you will be met with a clean environment that leaves you feeling relaxed and safe.

Dining Options While You Wait

Once you have departed from your shuttle service to the airport, have lugged your kids through security, and made it to the correct gate, your kids will be asking for food. It’s just a given! After walking past all of the standard airport staples like Cinnabon, Chick-Fil-A, and Auntie Anne’s, you will need to be able to make a decision fast. So here is the low down on dining options at William P. Hobby and George Bush Intercontinental Airports for you and your family while you wait for your flight departure.

4+ Star Restaurants at George Bush

  1. Ruby’s Diner
  2. Pappadeaux
  3. BarCuterie
  4. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
  5. Pala

4+ Star Restaurants at William P. Hobby

  1. CockPit Bar and Grill
  2. Central Texas Bar-B-Q
  3. Airport Deli and Sushi
  4. Pappadito’s Cantina
  5. Pappa’s Burger

Retail, Shopping, And More

On top of incredible dining experiences, you can spend your layovers perusing the massive amount of boutiques, kiosks, tech stores, and souvenir shops. Being able to walk around with your family is a huge plus to burn off that remaining energy your kids have. Additionally, if you are going to be cruising internationally, you can take care of your currency issues at multiple currency exchange locations located throughout the terminals.

Being a notably smaller airport, HOU may not offer the glitz and glam you would find at the competing IAH, but you will find your favorite small restaurants, shops, and cafes. Perfect for shorter trips where you aren’t leaving the country! And you can have your Houston to Galveston shuttle already booked for when you land, so that is already out of the way!

Friendly Staff

Every parent has been in a situation where they encounter rude staff or people with their kids. If you can plan on taking your family someplace with exceptionally nice staff and patrons, that’s a no-brainer! Here is the general consensus of the team at both airports.

If you are looking for some good ‘ole Texas hospitality, IAH has ranked 6th in the nation for Best Airport Staff. If you have ever traveled outside of your home, you understand how others can affect your mood. When you encounter helpful and friendly staff, it can make your entire trip feel lighter and brighter.

According to Indeed’s employee reviews, HOU is a 4.4-star company to work for. Almost all employees say the staff are friendly and feel like family. So you know you are entering into a business where the workers love their job, and you will be treated fairly and with kindness. Who doesn’t need that charm?

Book A Houston to Galveston Shuttle

Whether you are flying into IAH or HOU, you need to book a Houston to Galveston shuttle bus. Especially if you are traveling with kids, this is so much easier than waiting on an Uber or Lyft, messing around with car rentals, or hailing a taxi. When you are traveling as a family, there are so many benefits to taking a shuttle.

  1. They are always on time. If you’ve ever had to wait longer than planned with little ones running around, you know the struggle is real. So being able to depend on the reliability of a shuttle service is priceless.
  2. The drivers know the route. If you rent a car, you have to worry about driving in unfamiliar traffic, deciding the best ways, and struggling with directions. Shuttle drivers know this particular route like the back of their hand, which allows you to be able to point out the window to all of the new, fun sights to your kids!
  3. You don’t have to worry about parking. With a shuttle, you get premier service. Just think about how nice being dropped off at the doors of your destination with no need to mess with parking sounds. The less wait time for anything when you have kids, the better!
  4. Shuttle services have steady rates. When you book a Houston to Galveston shuttle, you know what you will be paying at the time of booking. No need to work about accruing extra fees if you run into unexpected traffic or demand rates! Booking a shuttle allows you to stick to your budget!