Houston to Galveston Shuttle Service - The Green Option

It’s not a new concept. It’s something that’s been around for a long time because it’s a sound principle that works. Despite the fact it’s not new, this concept is even more important now due to the pressure on the environment and concerns about pollution.

What is it, you ask? It’s nothing complicated. It’s the simple act of getting vehicles off the road by traveling in a vehicle with several others. You can call it a shuttle service, car-pooling, ride-sharing, whatever you like, but the impact is the same. One vehicle from Galveston Shuttle with multiple passengers is much more eco-friendly than several vehicles with just one or two passengers each.

Our Galveston shuttle bus is a perfect example of this. It’s much more kind to Mother Nature to hop on a modern and efficient vehicle that’s carrying several passengers than jumping into a low-volume vehicle like a cab or rental car.

The math speaks for itself. Seven vehicles carrying ten people in total, for example, emit many more pollutants than one clean and green vehicle. Those seven cars will spend time idling in lines and parking lots while our Galveston shuttle bus makes a simple pickup and drop-off.

Not only is it a green option, but choosing our services saves you the hassle of fighting traffic and the aggravation of trying to find a parking spot. It’s a win-win situation.


Houston Hobby to Galveston Port Shuttle

Health Benefits Of Our Green Shuttle Service

Our Galveston shuttle bus service doesn’t just positively affect the environment (more on that later), but it can provide some pretty awesome personal health benefits. Here are just a few ways taking the shuttle bus can improve your health!

1.   Increased Activity Levels

Did you know that public transportation users get over 3 times more physical activity per day than those who don’t? Those who choose to take public transportation typically have an overall walking time of close to 20 minutes per day. A 20-minute walk can provide increased energy, lower your risk of heart disease, give your weight loss a boost or help you to maintain the desired weight, and decrease the risk of diabetes among other added benefits!


2.   Our Shuttle Buses Are Safer

In the United States, car occupants have a fatality rate 23 times greater than bus passengers. Our shuttle drivers are highly trained and provide reliable and safe transportation that you can trust.


3.   Stress Reduction

Choosing a Galveston shuttle bus for your transportation needs will eliminate time spent interacting with aggressive drivers, teen drivers, and plain old road rage. Customers get to sit back and relax while our experienced drivers handle everything on the road. Most public transportation customers are on their way to school or work, so imagine that extra time to be able to study for the upcoming exam or prepare for an important presentation. It also allows just a little bit of time for a much-needed mental break, so you can arrive at your destination with a clear head.


4.   More Money In Your Pocket

Especially with the cost of gas and car prices through the roof, taking a shuttle service can save the average family over $6,000 a year! It reduces the need for multiple vehicles and eliminates the cost of parking!


5.   Keeps Our Air Cleaner

With less individual vehicles on the road and increasing the use of shuttle services, we can reduce the CO2 emissions by 45%. Can you imagine what that would literally feel like in our cramped cities? Knowing that we can have cleaner air is a reason all in itself to choose the Galveston shuttle bus green option.


The Effect Of Cars On The Environment

According to National Geographic, “In 2017, the U.S. transportation sector generated the largest percentage of greenhouse gases emitted in the United States at 29 percent. Globally, transportation accounts for between 15 and 20 percent of emissions each year.”  Reducing the number of individual cars on our roads and highways will help clear up our air and provide a cleaner environment for future generations.


We have to work together to reduce this number! One of the easiest ways to work together on this issue is to ride together.


Beating The Common Stereotypes


“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars, it’s where the rich ride public transportation.”  - Anonymous


There is a common stereotype here in the United States about the patrons who choose to take public transportation. Our Galveston shuttle service is striving to change that stigma.


Instead of looking a public transportation as a way station for the mentally ill, socially awkward, or just plain poor, look at it as an avenue to strengthen and build community. While on our shuttle bus you get to view the city in a way you never thought possible. Looking out the window at your surroundings instead of the bumper in front of you can be inspiring. You have the ability to meet others, network, and gain perspective on your community.


Our excellent customer service is not just environmentally friendly, but personally friendly. You can’t have a bad day when you start it out with an awesome sense of community. Our drivers truly care for the well being of their customers. And there is something to be said for being cared for at the start and end of your day. Right?


Public Transportation Around The World

Tourist ratings for public transportation can be a huge influencer for those looking to travel. When public transportation is not only available but rated highly, people are more like to travel to that location.


It has also been noted that in areas with a higher volume of public transit, the roads are nicer and there is a lower crime rate.


In super developed countries the average citizen doesn’t even own a vehicle. It has become completely normalized to use public transportation saving personal costs, and stress and helping the environment.


Let’s get on board our Galveston shuttle bus service and start improving our health, community, and environment one commute at a time.