Packing Before You Get on Our Houston Cruise Shuttle

As your cruise date closes in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the excitement. Adventure awaits, and you deserve your getaway on the beautiful seas off the Texas shore. Before you can hop on a Houston cruise shuttle and board the ship, though, you’ll need to pack – and that can be a whole other kind of adventure.


For many people, this part of the vacation is the most stressful. What if you forget something important? How do you cut down on how much you need to carry? Will people judge you for your mismatched luggage? There is no need to worry. As your experienced Houston cruise shuttle service, we know a thing or two about travel, and you can count on our insider tips to help you pack for the occasion.


Prepare with Confidence

So, what does it take to get rid of those pre-cruise anxieties? Well, some of them will dissipate on their own by the time you board your Houston cruise shuttle, but many won’t bother you once you’ve packed with this advice in mind:


  • Take Stock First – Instead of grabbing whatever you might need as you look around the house, take some time to make a list. Break things up into categories, and make sure you put all of the essentials at the top. This could include things like your tickets, passport, wallet, or other vital items. Many cruise companies have a webpage with information on what’s allowed and what they recommend bringing along.
  • Shop Early – If you notice anything on your list that you might need to shop for, don’t wait until the last second to buy it. Rushing out to the store just before you pack is an easy way to forget another priority.
  • Compress and Consolidate – Don’t be afraid to invest in organization bags and other items that help you protect your belongings and avoid suitcases with large sections of empty air between bulky items.
  • Breathe Easy – If you do forget something, you won’t be the first person to do so. Your cruise company can help you handle any issues that arise once you arrive. It’s important to prepare, but one mistake won’t be the end of the world. Remember: you’re there to have fun.