Why An Airport Shuttle Service Is the Way To Go


Finding reliable transportation to and from the Houston airport can be hard to find. Often times you are at the mercy of someone else’s clock, who really has no worries about your departure time. In this article we break down the why’s of choosing an airport shuttle service over all of the other trending modes of transportation. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will be convinced of the reasons why you need to try out Galveston Shuttle.

Fast, Friendly, Punctual Service

Houston shuttle services are a business, therefore, they are treated as such! Airport shuttle service drivers are chosen carefully and know their routes by heart. They are also up to date on any and all delays that may occur on the way. You won’t have to worry about construction or detours throwing a wrench in your travel time. Houston to Galveston Airport shuttle services functions on punctuality. They have a reputation to uphold and are committed to getting YOU to your destination on time.

Instead of competing for a taxi or messing around with an app service, the Houston shuttle services are committed to you. It is literally on their schedule for the day to stop at your location and ensure the safe delivery of you and your whereabouts to the airport! They know the importance of your flight departure and the stresses travel can bring and are trained in making this part of your trip easy!

 Houston Hobby to Galveston Port Shuttle

The major added bonus? Have help loading and unloading your luggage! Shuttle services know that the last thing busy travelers need or want is the frustration of lifting heavy luggage on and off vehicles. All while maintaining their crisp business suits or unsettle toddlers. Let the trip to and from the airport be the most relaxing part of your destination switch and choose a Houston airport shuttle!



Why To Not Choose Lyft Or Uber

In this day and age, the first option most people turn to when they are in need of a ride is to dig right into the Lyft or Uber apps. Well, we are here to tell you the top 3 reasons why to NOT go this route when looking for a lift to the airport. So, here are the 3 main reasons why you should go with a Houston to Galveston airport shuttle service instead of Lyft or Uber.

1.   Lower Prices

You can pretty much expect lower costs when choosing a Houston shuttle to Galveston. Prices for Lyft and Uber can fluctuate throughout the day depending on the route, traffic, and rider-to-driver demand. With a Houston to Galveston airport shuttle service, you can expect the dependable rate to be the same every time.

2.   Dependability

How often have you ordered from an app and the driver gets turned around and your food gets cold? You certainly don’t want this to happen on your way to the airport. You can expect your ride to arrive, depart, and drop you off at the specified time you are scheduled for!

There is also the change of trying to hail a Lyft or Uber driver during a prime time when the rider-to-driver ratio is just too high and there are no drivers available. You don’t want to be scrambling for a plan B at the last minute. Again, the shuttle service is a business that operates on delivering satisfied customers to the airport all day long.

3.   Low-Quality Drivers

While these apps do have a rating system that is meant to weed out poor-performing drivers, it is possible for some to slip through the cracks. Just like the old school taxi service, it is possible for drivers to drive up their profits by increasing route times. Just like a college student fluffs up a paper to increase word count, drivers can lengthen drive times with unnecessary complete stops, using the longest routes, or just driving slowly. With a Houston shuttle service, you can depend on a one-track trip that has only one goal in mind, to get its passengers to their destination safely and punctually.

Cons Of Parking At the Airport

So, why wouldn’t you just park at the airport? It seems like the most logical option right? Nope. We’ve gathered up all of the reasons why you do not want to park at the airport the next time you travel, and why the airports hope you do!


  • According to Forbes, in some cases, airport parking can cost more than your airfare. Read that again. Your parking spot can cost more than your round-trip ticket!
  • There is an increased risk of damage to your car. Not all airports offer covered parking lots. This means your poor, defenseless vehicle is at the mercy of the weather. Hail, damaging winds, and extreme heat do not care that you are paying $20 a day to leave your vehicle there. And you know who else doesn’t care? Every Karen, Joe Schmo, and unsupervised toddler with an action figure who parks too close, open their doors too wide, or wants to use your paint job as a playing field.
  • Bottom line, there are much cheaper and less damaging ways to get to and from the airport than using the airport parking lot.

Why Having Your Friends Drive You To The Airport Is a Bad Idea

You may think that asking your friend to drive you to the airport is an inexpensive and fun way to get to your destination. Well, here’s why we think that choosing a Houston shuttle to Galveston is a better choice. You may laugh at the reasoning, but a the same time realize we are right!

  1. Shuttle services don’t oversleep. Even the most reliable person has slept through their alarm at some point in time. Please reference the Home Alone movies. The shuttle service is guaranteed to be at your feet with on-the-dot punctuality.
  2. Airport shuttle services don’t get lost. Airport shuttle drivers will not get distracted by riveting conversation and a bacon egg and cheese biscuit at 5:30 am and miss a turn. Your friend could.
  3. Airport shuttle drivers know which terminal to park at. If your friend is not experienced with driving around an airport it can be extremely stressful to know which lane to take and where to go. Picture driving in and out of the airport entrance and exit 3 times, a strained relationship, and a stressful, time-cramped trip through security.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Shuttle Service

If you still aren’t convinced on why choosing a Houston to Galveston airport shuttle service is the best option, here are our top 5 reasons why we think it’s the best choice.

1.   You Arrive Relaxed

Taking a shuttle service completely takes out the stressfulness of trying to drive yourself, direct a friend or family member, or rely on the wherewithal of an Uber driver you don’t even know.

2.   You Save Money

You don’t have to worry about prime time rates, rider-to-driver ratios, or excessive parking lot fees. Just a sweet dependable low-cost, and sometimes, free mode of transportation.

3.   You Arrive On Time

When choosing to take a Houston shuttle to Galveston customers can expect to arrive at the airport at the time designated on the schedules. No ifs, ands, or buts.

4.   Dependability

Feel free to use social media reviews on a shuttle service reputation when choosing your mode of transportation to and from the airport. A shuttle service operation is aware of the impact bad reviews can have on their reputation which is why you can expect them to strive for reliable, timely, and friendly customer service.

5.   You Can Get Something Else Done At The Same Time

This may seem like an odd reason, but how nice does having a chunk of free time where you don’t have to worry about anything sound? You can prep for your interview or meeting, peruse your trip itinerary, or just scroll through your newsfeed. All while having a safe and trustworthy service meet your transportation needs.

Choose The Houston To Galveston Airport Shuttle Service

We hope that you have found this article helpful and have come to terms with choosing a shuttle service as the most reliable and cost-effective way to meet your airport transportation needs to Galveston! Requiring very little planning you can leave your timely airport arrival to the professionals and start your travels off in the most relaxing way.