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What to Do If You Miss Your Shuttle

Houston Cruise ShuttleYou have been looking forward to your big trip for a while and the day has finally arrived. Your flight arrives in Houston late due to weather or mechanical issues, and you’re stressed because you want to get to the port to catch your cruise ship. With each check of the time, your stress level climbs and climbs. It’s understandable to react that way, but we encourage you not to panic. At Galveston Shuttle, we have a convenient schedule for our Houston cruise shuttle that you can depend on for prompt service.

If you miss a shuttle, your best plan is to wait for the next available shuttle, which will be along within a relatively short amount of time. We do not hold shuttles for late passengers because we have a schedule to keep and other guests waiting at multiple stops waiting for our shuttle. Having said that, please keep in mind that we make every reasonable effort to make sure that we get you to your destination as quickly as we can on our Houston cruise shuttle.

If you wish to set your own schedule, you can also take advantage of our private car service and book one of our luxury vehicles ahead of time. Our driver will be at the airport to meet you at the terminal.

Why Taking a Shuttle Can Save You Money

Houston Cruise ShuttleTraveling can be pretty expensive, which can cut into your vacation budget when you actually get to your destination. That doesn’t mean your transportation services need to cost an arm and a leg. Using a Houston cruise shuttle, for example, can help you drastically reduce your costs.

When you use a shuttle to move between the airport and the hotel or cruise port, you are able to share the cost with all of the other people on the shuttle. That means you can enjoy a much more affordable trip than if you hired a private cab or transportation service just for yourself.

Convenient, affordable, and safe, shuttle services are one of the best values available when it comes to getting to and from your destinations on land. Most shuttles run with the arrival, and drop-off times in mind, which means they understand the importance of getting you where you need to be when you need to be there. This helps to ensure that you are still receiving the high-quality service you want from a transportation service while still being able to save on your overall travel costs.

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